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Experience the hottest line-up in fitness today: Integrated Aerial Yoga, TRX SurfSet, Kettlebell Conditioning, Capoeira, Cardio MMA, Tour de Juniko, and Barre Sculpt. Members of all athletic abilities can gather together and enjoy one of these exclusive and challenging workouts.

Aerial Yoga: Integrated yoga using the support and momentum of the “swinglike” silk hammocks. You are able to achieve more length and depth with less strenuous effort, yet also challenge your core body strength.TRX: Born in the Navy SEALs, suspension training uses bodyweight to exercise. TRX classes develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

SurfSet: SURFSET® workouts use the SURFSET® Board, the world’s first total-body surf trainer designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard on water. The Board allows you to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, power, agility, stability and tone, all while offering core and balance training.

Tour de Juniko: Experience Juniko’s signature moves… We start at the Cube & finish at the Canvas, rotating through various stations for :45 per move where participants determine max reps.

Cardio MMA: Turn-up the intensity with this High-Impact routine that even has Professional Fighters challenged. From Muay Thai to H.I.I.T & Cardio Drills… You will not only train like an Athlete you will be become one too!

Barre Sculpt: Barre sculpting classes use deliberate strength and stretching techniques to reshape and create long and lean muscles. Coming soon.



























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Cardio MMA