At Juniko, we’ve expanded Yoga to include diversified programs that will enhance your mind, body and spirit.

Hot Vinyasa: Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” This class develops strength, flexibility and balance through a higher pace of movements and postures!Shakti Flow: Shakti means fire in Sanskrit. This is power, heated class that will challenge each student with ashtanga-style sun salutations and Vinyasa throughout.


Life Force: This class offers traditional Hatha yoga postures. Via the nadis, energy channels, we explore the connection of our bodies and minds.


Morning Zen: This class is a gentle flowing class that greets the morning to ease you into a blissful day! Simple breathing techniques, alignment, and basic yoga postures will be the focus of this class.


Restorative Healing: This yoga class brings relaxation and balance to the body and mind. Blankets, belts, and blocks are used to support the body in this practice.