Erin LaMonte

Erin is a graduate from Curry College with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. Connecting her love of teaching to her love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was easy for Erin. In 2011, she became an instructor at South Shore Sportfighting teaching children’s BJJ. A 6-0 MMA fighter herself, Erin is not only able to back up her technique but is able to convey said knowledge with enthusiasm and a smile as well. Having competed in dozens of grappling tournaments as well, Erin is able to use real life experience in her teaching. Working with adults and children alike, she is able to reach all different types of people allowing her to instill the values of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Values such as respect, dedication, humility, and loyalty are those taught and practiced by Erin as well as other jiu jitsu practitioners. Erin’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and her love for MMA is apparent on and off the mats!

Erin also has taught many different class formats such as Muay Thai, TRX, bootcamp classes, and other circuit based weight training classes. “Do what you love, love what you do,” is a motto Erin learned and adopted from her father, one that she lives by every single day!